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Mosaic Lab experiment

sunny 24 °C

On Friday 14th of May I provided the seven of my mosaics with mortar. The six hours working in one piece with at the end convulsively hands, was worthed, I've seen this morning no cracks or fractures!

MikalK_100514_2498.jpg MikalK_100514_2487.jpg MikalK_100514_2494.jpg MikalK_100514_2507.jpg MikalK_100514_2520.jpg MikalK_100514_2524.jpg

MikalK_100514_2554.jpg MikalK_100514_2544.jpg MikalK_100514_2542.jpg

Now I can start the real work!

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Wedding in Santorini

Γάμος στη Σαντορίνη

sunny 23 °C

Since I was invited to a wedding in Santorini, I could enjoy a two day of from Athens.

At around six a clock in the evening the bride was walking carefully down the steps with musicians behind her, including lira (a typical instrument from Crete), accordion, violin and wedding songs... Something I think we can learn from in Belgium...

MikalK_100508_2192.jpg MikalK_100508_2283.jpg

The packed rize ready at the exit of the church and the close family in Oia by sunset:
MikalK_100508_2197.jpg MikalK_100508_2313.jpg

Rini and Spiros were the two warm, friendly friends who invited me for the wedding:
MikalK_100508_2216.jpg MikalK_100508_2219.jpg MikalK_100508_2320.jpg

After this whole festivity, there was an big evening party where I learned Greek dances from different regions, mostly from Santorini and Crete. It was one of the first times I was so wet from dancing and felt so happy. Hopefully I can get one of the movies they made, so my family can see me dancing between hunderds of greek people ... ;-)

Our first day in Santorini was mostly exploring the Island:
MikalK_100508_2095.jpg MikalK_100508_2081.jpg MikalK_100508_2155.jpg

MikalK_100508_2143.jpg MikalK_100508_2136.jpg MikalK_100508_2097.jpg

2nd day was kind of a relaxing sunday after the long night:
MikalK_100509_2348.jpg MikalK_100509_2370.jpg MikalK_100509_2386.jpg



Ah, a nice experience, full of fun!

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sunny 18 °C

Kalimera (Good morning),

Rrrrbrrrrr (mobile alarm) As every saturday from two weeks, Mikal wakes up at 8:20 to go for running, with her friend Mitsos. But this time something was different, although she didn't feel alone, she was alone. Mitsos had gone to his village to help his mum in the flowerstore. Waking up was this time easier then other, probably Mikal has slept well at night. After here running clothes were exactly fitting where they supposted to be, she walked out of the door. The road she had to take to go to the racetrack was the same one as she took every day to school, Evrou street. And as always, she was first passing the fishing store where three caves with each a bird inside were giving a whistle. Some meters further she passed the bakery, "Kalimera, ti kaneis?" (the bakery man said), " Kalimera, ola kala, efharisto" (said Mikal), and then as always, she asked to put a bread at the side for when she came back. A monday versus a saturday showed a big difference in noice. No cluttering of keys or kobolois from the grandpa's, no rough music out of young people there car. And most of all a morning without a hitting sunlightray. After ten minutes arriving the runnig place, she was kinda, shocked seeing little people crowdy and close to each other walking without any direction. Which promply gived me some greed, since it was this time not a very peacefull place. Despite everything, she decided just to run like always, with occasional walks and short breathings, she made her five rounds.


....will be continued!

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Visit to Crete

Eπίσκεψη στην Κρήτη

overcast 19 °C


After a long period of writing my thesis I decided to take some fresh air together with my friend Mitsos. His brother gave us a great hospitality in his house in Rhetimnon. Finally we had some fresh air instead of the pullution one here in Athens...
And a first burned face ;-)

Nice views:
MikalK_100311_1732.jpg MikalK_100313_1769.jpg MikalK_100311_1708.jpg

The long awaited reunion of my Belgian friends in Xania:

Colourful façade:
MikalK_100313_1773.jpg MikalK_100311_1688.jpg

Brothers and friends:
MikalK_100314_1841.jpg MikalK_100314_1824.jpg MikalK_100314_1827.jpg


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Today a great day for the greek people

sunny 10 °C

Today the greek people celebrate the 40 days before Easter, with smoked meet, traditional dances, and hanging around with friends
A traditional event even at school!!

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